Visual overview with dashboard

Dashboard i Decision Beacon

Dashboard complements your accounting system. It already contains all the details about the financial condition of your business. Now you can get an easy visual overview of your financial condition.

Then you can quickly find what you need to optimize liquidity, revenue, costs and profitability.

In some places you can choose whether you want to use a dashboard with more numbers and less graphics, or vice versa. Then you can choose the one that best suits your style and your needs.

Dashboard is always up to date

With old data you do not have time to react in time. You only notice the problem when it has grown too big. Your insight becomes bigger and more useful.

From now on, you work with data that is continuously updated - completely automatically. You do not have to do anything or think about it. Data is just available.

 You can always check when data was last retrieved from the dashboard.

Dashboards man kan agere ud fra


Data is safe with us

You can always see who has access to your data. You control who you invite to join and who you close for.

A special technical user is created per company, which is the only one with access. Username and password are generated and found only in encrypted form in the systems.

So there is no danger of your data being mixed up with others.

To learn more about how your data is protected, so grab Christian. He is our technical manager, and will definitely be able to answer your questions.

If you have several companies ...

Then Decision Beacon can do it too.

Some accounting systems handle multi-company groups or accounting circles directly in the system. In other words, each account is completely separate.

Regardless of how the accounting system handles it, data is gathered under one group in Decision Beacon. Thus, you can choose to filter your dashboards by company.

Likewise, there are some special dashboards that compare across companies.

Dashboard kan også bruges i en koncern med flere selskaber

Anyone can access the dashboard

Does it cost anything per user? No, of course not.

You are free to give access to all the employees you want. Also your accountant or other advisors can join if you think.

To get the most out of the solution, it is important that everyone who benefits from it also has access. That is why we have chosen that everyone in the company can have access if desired. Additional cost per user should not give rise to less benefit.

Dashboard skal være tilgængelige for alle, der har brug for det

What is the coverage ratio now?

Dashboard med nøgletal kan kræve formler

In some dashboards you will find key figures. Although these are known key figures, we may all need to refresh the exact meaning.

Therefore, we have a library of the key figures and other concepts you can see in the dashboard. There is also an explanation for each dashboard.

So if you need to get refreshed on how coverage is calculated or how it is interpreted, look in the library below Help.

One subscription for the entire company

Dashboard, der er nemme at bruge, og abonnere på

You pay one price for financial management for the entire company. No extra cost per user or system, or other surprises.

Then you can focus on creating value with data instead of trying to figure out your price, or figure out a complicated pricing model.

We try to stick to a principle of simplicity, so that one need - one price, we think makes good sense. At the same time, we hope you find it easy to trade with us.