e-conomic is a Danish online accounting program used by more than 100,000 companies.

The program offers bookkeeping as well as a number of extensions. They cover areas such as dimensions, subscriptions, projects, etc.

Decision Beacon allows you to reuse the data to manage your business and make decisions. You only need to be able to log in to e-conomic to access the amazing dashboards.

You get an overview of your company's financial health. Everything is designed with customers and 100% is focused on making data actionable.

First use the dashboard to find problems. Second, dig into the details to find out where to put in and what to do about it.

e-conomic modules and reporting

The following modules affect what you get out of Decision Beacon.

Supplier: With the supplier module you can register supplier invoices when they arrive. As a result, you can manage liquidity better. When used correctly, Decision Beacon takes into account future payments to suppliers in liquidity dashboards.

On the other hand, invoices are often entered at the time of payment without the module. Therefore, future liquidity demand is unknown and liquidity is overestimated.

Department: With departments, you can assign records to different areas. This allows you to separate activities you want to monitor. A department can be a department, a project, a market segment, a district, etc. Decision Beacon allows you to view dashboards per. Department.


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  • Accounting

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