Easily accessible visual financial management

Give your accounting data business value with modern data reuse for efficient financial management
- and you can do it yourself, without being an IT expert


You're up and running in a few minutes. Create a profile, access data and get ready to use. Once your data is loaded, you can start optimizing your business.


You get access to detailed information that allows you to act on your insights. All the way down to the customer, the invoice, the bookkeeping that needs to be done about.


The intuitive dashboards give you an overview right away. Optimize management of your liquidity, revenue, costs and profitability.

Catch the problem before it runs wild

Økonomistyring med dashboard så du opdager økonomiske problemer i tide

Have you ever experienced a cost item that grew without you discovering it in time?

Or a customer who suddenly does not place the orders they usually do?

In a busy day, it is not possible to keep an eye on all the details. It can be as little as a few days or a week that things go wrong. A support task that runs away. Linen costs suddenly rising 20%. 5 customers, postponing their purchase, or are they about to go to the competitor?

Decision Beacon's dashboard provides a daily overview of the company and makes it easy to detect the places where the changes take place. Then you can quickly assess whether it is a desired change or it requires you to intervene.

Financial management to understand

Decision Beacon is made by business people, for business people. Key figures and concepts are known. If you need to refresh a key figure, just look in the library.

Account names and numbers are as you know them from your accounting system.  

Dashboard is ready to use, so you do not have to build it yourself. Instead of a pile of gears that you have to assemble yourself, you get a ready-made automatic transmission ready for use. 

Just turn the steering wheel and step on the accelerator.

Reasy to use

Quickly translate financial management into practice

Økonomistyring med den direkte vej fra overblik til detaljer til handling

In the end, fine graphs and long-haired analyzes are not the goal. These are good tools for finding areas for action, but as a rule, simpler means come into play when it comes to trading.

Sometimes it's as simple as printing a list and getting started calling customers. Other times, a campaign must be planned, or an agreement negotiated in place.

In all cases, it is crucial to act accurately. You can with Decision Beacon. To hit accurately, we give you the details so you can target your efforts. In this way, you hit the product, customer, employee or cost that needs your attention.

Find the gold nuggets in your data

Your dashboard is not just nice graphics. It is a search engine for your business that helps you find the information that matters. 

Decision Beacon gives you the entry points into your data you need. Easy navigation and familiar terms fast track you to the actionable information you need.

The better your data is, and the more you use it, the more you get out of it.

So start your journey today and take your next step in optimizing your business with an emphasis on facts.

Økonomistyring lader dig finde guldklumperne i din data